Watercoloured Alien Love Note

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I haven’t done any watercolouring for about 15 years. It’s a huge trend in the crafting world, so I finally broke out my Staedtler watercolor pencils and gave it a whirl. I wanted to make a little note for my nephew so this one had to be special! I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Watercolour Alien Love note My watercolour pencils came from my childhood craft box so the packaging is different, but they are the same product as the Karat Aquarell sold today. After 15 years they still worked perfectly.

I used watercolour paper for the background and touched the tip of the pencils to my wet brush and then applied it to the paper. I did try once by applying the pencil directly to the paper and then blending but I preferred the the softer look of applying the colour to the brush instead. I started with the darkest colour and faded it out over the sheet and then repeated with lighter hues and a little yellow to finish the effect. I dried the paper with my heat tool and then cut the orange piece into two sections for the landscape and adhered the landscape to the background using foam tape.

The alien shapes were left over from the birthday card for Danny. The paper wasn’t ideal for watercolouring since it was a thinner cardstock, but it worked out fine in the end. For the aliens, I started with my lightest colour and then blended in the darker.

Assembling my watercoloured aliens.

Assembling my watercoloured aliens.

I didn’t think googly eyes would work for the serene look of this card so I made my own using small black embellishments, a silver marker and glossy accents. I adhered the black embellishments in place and then made tiny silver dots on each eye to give the aliens some life. Finally, I covered each eye with glossy accents and let them dry. I finished each alien with a tiny red heart and adhered them to the background with foam tape.

The sentiment did not come out perfectly, but I think that it’s mostly due to the uneven texture of the watercolour paper. The first time I tried to stamp, it turned out even worse so I had to redo the background. This was my second attempt with the stamp I felt it was good enough. Stamping onto textured paper is something I will have to practice more for a better result.

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